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Classical Naturopathic Medicine • Holistic Integrative Counseling

Frequency Medicine • Spiritual Guidance

"We offer a unique approach to healthcare and your wellbeing. 

Our focus - Whole Health Care of your Body-Mind-Spirit.

The outcome - You becoming stronger, more focused, feeling revitalized and alive.


Our Naturopathic approach helps you identify obstacles and imbalances causing your pain or anxiety as we work together in natural ways to stimulate, rebalance and return you back to optimal health and wellbeing.

          We Help You: 
          • Use the Healing Power of Nature to Alleviate Pain and Revitalize Yourself
          • Take Control of Your Health and Be Free from the Signs of Distress and Disease
          • Feel Calmer, More Peaceful, in Harmony with Yourself, and Emotionally Balanced
          • Cultivate the Support You Need to Succeed in Taking Care of Yourself and Flourish
          • Gain a Deeper Sense of Self-Mastery, Maturity, and Fulfilling Your Life Purpose
We Offer Support and Guidance with a Holistic Perspective based on Principles of Nature Cure, Subtle Energy Medicine, and Body-Mind-Spirit Philosophies. We are Passionate about your Well-Being and Success.
Dr Kayla Dawn believes in the body's natural healing abilities
Kayla Dawn Sumberg, NMD   
Nationally Accredited Naturopathic

Medical Doctor



It is with gratitude and an open heart, I welcome you to Nature Cure Solutions. My journey into the magical world of subtle energy began at a very young age and thanks to my mom, Philinda, you could say I “was born into it”. Throughout my life I learned and experienced spiritual practices and philosophies from around the world; this combined with my education in biology, organic chemistry, anatomy, physiology, naturopathic and ancient healing methods, is the foundation of our wellness practice. We are all here at a pivitol period within earth's "herstory".  I look forward to guiding you through change!


Early in my medical practice I noticed a lacking in patient care from both conventional and alternative medicine. Many patient’s were coming in with severe trauma, emotional imbalance, and a deep longing for connection. No medication, supplement or even acupuncture could address these concerns to the level that was needed. So I started to revisit the ancient uses of subtle energy medicine and frequency healing. 

Dr. Dawn specializes in treatmenting muscular-skeletal conditions, GI health, autoimmune disease, endocrine dysfunction, women’s health and chronic disease within the Naturopathic approach. 


Dr. Kayla Dawn Sumberg is an Arizona Licensed Naturopathic Physician currently practicing in Scottsdale, Arizona.  After graduating in 2016, from The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Sumberg joined an establish integrative healthcare clinic before setting out to build a unique private practice in early 2017. Since then, Dr. Sumberg continues to passionately create accessible, natural and alternative treatment modalities for patients.

Passionate about bridging the gap, Dr Sumberg, combines conventional and alternative medicine taking the best of both worlds to provide the optimal care for the patient.  Asscebile to all, integrative and alternative, she believes in supporting the individual to reconnect to self by healing old patterns of speration, fotering an environment of self-mastery.


Dr. Sumberg has over a decade of experience in holistic wellness and exercise science. She strives to offer the highest ethical standards and quality of care to patients while continuously integrating ancient systems of healing including, subtle energy medicine, frequency medicine and the fundamentals of "Nature Cure". Dr. Sumberg takes a practical approach to working with patients, supporting wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.

Philinda is ready to see you!
Reverend Philinda Sumberg
• Holistic Health Practitioner
• Medical Intuitive

• Energy Medicine Practitioner 
• Bodywork Therapist 
• Spiritual Guide
• Apprentice / Mentor Guide
• Energy Instructor, Health Educator
• Certified End-of-Life Death Doula
Since early childhood, I've had a strong desire to help people feel better about themselves and where they're going in life. As a medical intuitive, bodywork specialist, and spiritual advisor, both clients and health professionals have referred to it as the "Philinda" factor.
I now understand this to mean viewing everyone from a higher consciousness perspective. Here everyone is perfect in themself and healing is a return to that perfection.
For the past 36 years, I’ve been working professionally in the the healthcare field focusing on subtle energy medicine, Body-Mind-Spirit healing and educating people on how to heal themselves. 
I believe that our current culture lacks a support system of celebrating our elevated steps towards healing physical pain, affirming self-growth, and mastering enlightenment.  I believe ceremony and rite of passages to be part of our healing journey as well.  I offer you the opportunity to acknowledge your progress and celebrate your journey in a sacred and honoring way.
Philinda specializes in healing pain and  trauma,  chronic health issues, and elevating a joyful spirit. She creates sacred experiences to help you continue to develop your soul as a human being. 

She has studied and trained with healers, medicine women and men, spiritual guides, indigenous shamans, and wellness teachers, inventors, scientists, and many other progressive thinkers in the health care world.

Her goal is to help release personal fears and doubt to liberate the true passion that resides within each of us.
Philinda loves ceremony and ritual celebrations
Nature Cure Solutions' Pledge
We provide quality care in
a warm, family friendly atmosphere and believe in
a commitment to professionalism, integrity and ethical standards of care, costs, and time.

We see all ages from 4+ and up.
We welcome family diversity and honor all!
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