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Woodland Path
Spa Journey Experience

Immerse yourself in a unique experience and take yourself out the ordinary all while receiving high quality treatments in a relaxing, quiet, private, spa setting.

A unique spa approach uplifting your mind-body-spirit using holistic healing treatments.

From the moment you enter, you are honored as sacred and treated well. To begin the ritual, we provide you with a refreshing beverage and a luxurious soft robe so you can release the outer world, unwind and begin to relax. Each journey allows plenty of time for you to connect with self. Your experience works in harmony to awaken all your senses using time honored traditions from around the world.

Fragrant, ayurvedic essential oil blends begin your journey, as therapeutic, nourishing gemstones are placed to enhance your aura and body. The skillful use of reflexology, acupressure, brushing, chakra balancing and more are complemented with singing quartz bowls and therapeutic color lights. All ritual journeys include guided meditation for a truly enchanting and healing Mind-Body-Spirit experience.

Spa journys are designed specifically for you!    Book your experience and immerse in total care.



Recommended for those who are in need of deep relaxation, centering and peace.

• Foot Reflexology Treatment

• Hot Stone Back Massage

Find deep peace with this relaxing treatment series intended to ground, balance and allow for an enhanced sense of calm.

Reflexology is used as a way to connect and open all channels of the body. Hot stones sooth tight muscles and facia allowing for the body to relax, the mind to ease, and the spirit to open. Find yourself in a state of serenity to reset and feel renewal. 


The foundational 5 elements of Chinese medicine are used for ultimate balancing and harmony while a gentle guided medication helps you release and flow into your place of peace.



Recommended for those needing stimulation of mind, body and spirt.  

• Lymphatic Brushing Treatment

• Contrasting Hydrotherapy 

Find your sparkle with this stimulating treatment series to get you moving. Ideal for those who may feel stuck or stagnant or if you just need a little boost from within.

Full body lymphatic brushing increases circulation and removes toxins leaving you feeling polished. Followed by alternating hot and cold compress applications on the back and chest continue to remove stagnation, detox and energize the body. 


Diamond therapy is included to restructure the aura and restore the perfection of your energy matrix combined with guided meditation reinvigorating your focused intent. 



Recommend for those looking to discover forgotten parts of themselves to achieve greater wholeness.

• Cranial-Sacral Unwinding 

• Gemstone Acupressure Treatment

Discover hidden and forgotten parts of yourself with this unique treatment series designed for you to reconnect with self. Ideal for when your are needing to make life changes or when you may feel somewhat lost in life.

Cranial sacral massage gently aligns the entire spine allowing for connection and flow of the entire body. Therapeutic citrine gemstones are placed along the acupressure points of the spine for profound healing and catalyze courage and strength for change to occur. 


Custom gemstone reading and guided mediation help your connect and discover your personal truths.



Recommended for those looking to meet the higher version of themself. 

• Full Body Energy Session

• Gemstone Acupressure Face and Scalp Treatment

Go beyond yourself and connect with your higher purpose with this empowered treatment series created to help you active, balance and unlock your limitless inherent energy potential.    


The full body energy session addresses each charka and the associated auric field to elevate and open your awareness of you and your possibilities. This energy session is combined with face and scalp gemstone acupressure to stimulate the senses as well as sooth.


The 7 primary therapeutic gemstones are used to nourish each energy center along with a charka activating guided mediation to help you awaken to yourself.

** All Immersive Spa experiences include a custom aura and charka reading.

Spa Journey Experience
Choose your first adventure and schedule today!

Includes a 90 min Spa Experience

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