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Looking for more?  Check out other ways to improve and blossom. 

Spiritual Guidance Methods Include: Training in the Magical Arts, Psychic Development,

Oracle Divination and Elemental / Dimensional Alchemy

Medical Intuitive

Sometimes you need a guide to help you hear your true self.

You know your story, but you don't know a way out of it.  We help you gain insight into your own unique life experiences for greater awareness.  We help empower you to make effective, life changes you've always wanted to make. but needed someone to guide you through it all.  

Hands On Learning

Discover your true path and dance in de-LIGHT everyday! 

Your SOUL is desiring  direction.  We help you navigate a clear path using ancient teachings and healing activities.  Topics include: learning sacred healing songs, drumming meditations, frequency medicine exercises, and so much more.  Remember, all paths lead to YOU!

Distance Healing

Easy and effective frequency sessions anywhere on the planet!

Feel the comfort and support of a frequency healing where you want it (home, office, hospital, sacred site).  You get to snuggle into your own "nest" and receive effective, therapeutic healing and care.  These sessions allow the work to sink in more thoroughly giving you more energy to hold and maintain .

Mentor & Apprenticeships

Ready to take your spirit to the next level of living your truth?

You're ready to invest more into YOU. Now is the best time to explore and deepen your commitment to heal and grow. We help you raise your spirit to it's highest, potential as you develop your healing abilities.  We offer fun, challenging, and sacred activities so you follow your bliss! 

You have a wonderful source of healing love and power within. 

We are dedicated to helping you tap into this limitless source

so you become your master and co-creator of your divine, sacred self. 

With your dedication and our guidance, you will thrive more than ever!  

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