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Elevate, Blossom and Celebrate

You have a wonderful inner source of healing power and love. Tap into this limitless source and become your master and co-creator of your divine, sacred self. With dedication and guidance, you will thrive more than ever!


A natural healer her entire life, Philinda has been a Healing Touch and Energy Medicine Practitioner for over 30 years. She has been an ordained minister and shamanic healer for 28 years. Philinda has been been member of a hospice team, assisted with difficult pregnancy and challenging deliveries. She has been invited into hospitals and health clinics using energy medicine to relieve pain and suffering


Philinda has also been leading ceremonies, blessings, and rite of passage rituals for over 28 years. She believes celebrations bring joy and a sense of specialness. She loves to help elevate and enrich everyone!

Intuitive Guidance

Sometimes you need a guide to help you hear your true self.


Gain insight into your own unique life experiences for greater awareness.  Empower yourself to make effective life changes you've always wanted to make. May include Oracle Readings, Medical Intuitive Diagnosis, Aura and Chakra Analysis, Dream Interpretation, Home Clearing and Blessing.

Mentor & Apprenticeships

Spiritual Master Programs: Take your spirit to the next level.


Work one-on-one with mastery shamanic healer Philinda. Designed for deep personal work to step in the role of "light worker".  Explore and deepen your commitment to raise your spirit to its highest potential. Develop your healing abilities with fun, challenging, and sacred activities. Follow your bliss! 

End of Life Death Doula

A Magical Approach to a Meaningful Death 


Find extra support, comfort and celebration for yourself, your family, and friends during this last stage of life. This time is special. Your wishes are important for a peaceful and honoring closure. May include: Emotional support, ease of physical pain, and educational plans.

Universal Shamanic Healing

Possession, Paranormal and Soul Retrieval


These sessions allow you to work in harmony with spirit guides giving you more energy to hold and maintain. Connect and strengthen your personal power with your your allies. May include: guidance, protection, removal and exploration of multidimensional and other worldly energies

Meaningful Ceremonies, Initiations, Rites of Passage

Celebrate Joyful Times

Healing Therapy
Lighting Sparklers

Celebrations are concrete acts of compassion that can guide us through our lives by thoughtful intent and engage our deepest love. When attuned to this love, you can create celebrations that are rich and affirming. As you go through your daily life, take time out for marking important milestones. Celebrating has a positive impact on your future thoughts and actions. Pausing your life routine to celebrate can incentivize you to be more mindful of your thoughts, actions, and deeds. Celebrate life! May include: Baby Blessing, Weddings, Anniversaries, Divorces, Graduations, Rite of Passage Ceremonies and other joyful markers.

Spiritual Guidance - Using Spirit for Support and Life Purpose

Step into your sacred world!

Individual Pricing Depending on Event

Distance Appointments Available

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