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Enhanced Body-Mind-Spirit Opportunities

Classes, Special Events, and Community Gatherings

Classes, Courses and Workshops


12 Chakra Activation

Guided Meditation

Lead by Dr Kayla Dawn Sumberg 

Activating the 12 Chakra System is one of the most important and powerful tools to being on the ascension journey.  

The 12 part meditation series will activate and expand each chakra individually.


Meditations are 90 min each held twice a month.


Manifest Life Goals

Lead by Dr Kayla Dawn Sumberg 

Individual and small groups mentorship course designed for you to focus on your potential, establish goals, and remove the obstacles that prevent success.  Dr Dawn takes a simple, practical approach to help you achieve your optimal self and practice 5D Blueprint Living. 


Friday’s 5:30 - 7:30 pm

4 Months: 8 Sessions-  2 times a month

Plus weekly 45 min online check-ins

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Chakra Energy 

Healing Course 

Taught by Philinda

Gain an in-depth knowledge of Chakras and the Auric Field’s gifts. Strengthen your intuition and learn intuitive energy tools for self-knowing and self-guidance. 


This course is designed for those looking for self-healing and/or want to heal others. Certification with 8 classes


Sound Bath Teacher Class 

Taught by Philinda

Learn techniques for playing, guiding and supporting sound healing change for others.


Ideal for Yoga Instructors, Healing Arts Practitioners, & Other Health Professionals looking for deeper understanding to enhance your students/clients wellness.


Smudging 101 Workshop

Taught by Philinda

Discover the magical elemental energies of earth, air, fire, water in ceremony as you learn healing techniques to feel more harmonious and balanced within self, home, anywhere!


Create a personalized smudge fan and herb mixture for clearing and uplifting energy.

Private Groups

and Special Events

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Sound and Color Healings

with Friends and Family

Hosted by Philinda 

Create a unique opportunity to experience enriched healing with family and friends with a sound bath and color light healing. Together we set the intention for your group’s focus.


Discover intentions to create new patterns of connection and uplifting relationships.


Personal Celebrations

Marriage, Birth, Releasing, Death

and Other Special Occasions

Officiated by Philinda

Celebrations are important to mark, confirm, and affirm important times in our life.  We create a celebration that truly reflects you! 

Confirm and affirm important times in your life with ceremonies and celebrations that truly reflect you! Together we create unique “rite of passage” memories you’ll cherish! 


Private Yoga Sessions

Lead by Johnnie*

Hosted at Nature Cure Solutions

Practice gentle and restorative yoga at a deep, intentional, and relaxed pace. Focus on long holds, stillness, and breath work.  Encourage the healing benefits of physical and mental relaxation.


Bi-weekly Friday and Sunday Classes 

6:00 pm - 7:15 pm


Couple's YOGA

Lead by Johnnie*

Hosted at Nature Cure Solutions

Specifically designed for couples to connect while sharing the personal benefits of yoga. Classes are to help you both enhance personal healing and strengthen your relationship. Such connection extends at home between classes with practice.


Classes by appointment only


Binaural Beats Healings

Lead by Philinda

Synchronize and entrain your brain’s electrical response to certain rhythms while using guided meditation to release past traumatic events, overcome addictions and other limiting behaviors.  


Benefits are liberating! Increase confidence and deepen feelings of peace, calm and self-mastery.


Typically 3-4 sessions, 60 min each

Community Gatherings




Women's Circle

Hosted by Johnnie

and Philinda

You’re invited to join a safe space to share, support and be uplifted. Each month is dedicated to a specific focus or theme.

You matter, come join us!


1st Saturday 5 pm - 7 pm  

RSVP Required   8-12 women max

Donations welcome!


Seasonal Celebrations

Hosted by Philinda ​& Apprentices

Welcome in each season with song, dance and gaiety. Let’s celebrate 

being of service to our mother earth 

and all our relations. Be part of our community! 


Cross Quarters times vary by season 

RSVP Required  12-16 participants

Donations welcome!


Chakra Color Ray Reading

Interpreted by Philinda 

Discover how special and unique you are by having your auric field “read” and explained.  You’ll learn how your primary chakra rays are your gifts when activated with purpose. 


1st Saturday, Monthly 10 am - 11 am 

Registration Required

Group size up to 6 Participants



Dr Kayla Dawn Sumberg

Leads meditations to awaken and integrate higher consciousness to create harmony within the collective of 5D Blueprint Living.

Dr Sumberg began leading meditations in 2019 to facilitate the ascension work, inspired by Diana Cooper, Tim Wilde and Spirit Science, to ignite the ascension potential in others.

Philinda -

Delights in helping others connect with their higher, sacred, and wise self to empower living a life authentically.  She helps you understand and utilize your gifts and abilities to manifest a loving and magical reality.

Philinda began teaching Health and Wellness, Chakra Healing and Ceremonial classes and workshops in the early 1990’s.  Her goal is to help you connect joyfully with the web of life.

Johnnie -

Passionate to help others experience the healing benefits of shutting down the mind and relaxing the body.

Johnnie started practicing yoga in 2011. She took yoga teaching training to deepen own practice and decided to share yoga's benefits with others teaching in 2021.

Interested in a

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Registration required for ALL activities.
* Certain class fees are paid directly to teacher

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