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Enhanced Body-Mind-Spirit Opportunities

Classes, Courses and Workshops

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Chakra Energy Healing Course 

Taught by Philinda

Gain an in-depth knowledge of Chakras and the Auric Field’s gifts. Strengthen your intuition and learn intuitive energy tools for self-knowing and self-guidance. 


This course is designed for those looking for self-healing and/or want to heal others. Certification with 8 classes


Sound Bath Class

Taught by Philinda

Learn techniques for playing, guiding and supporting sound healing change for self and others.


Ideal for Yoga Instructors, Healing Arts Practitioners, Health Professionals and Individuals looking for deeper understanding to enhance wellness.

Private Groups and Special Events

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Sound and Color Healings with Family and Friends

Hosted by Philinda 

Create a unique opportunity to experience enriched healing with family and friends with a sound bath and color light healing. Together we set the intention for your group’s focus.


Discover intentions to create new patterns of connection and uplifting relationships.


Celebrations - Marriage, Birth, End of Life, Graduation, Divorce, Promotion and Other Special Occasions

Officiated by Philinda

Celebrations are important to mark, confirm, and affirm important times in our life.  We create a celebration that truly reflects you! 

Confirm and affirm important times in your life with ceremonies and celebrations that truly reflect you! Together we create unique “rite of passage” memories you’ll cherish! 

Community Gatherings


Monthly Women's Circle​

Hosted by Johnnie and Philinda

You’re invited to join a safe space to share, support and be uplifted. Each month is dedicated to a specific focus or theme. You matter, come join us!


2nd Saturday 4 pm - 6 pm    RSVP Required.  Donations welcome!

Philinda delights in helping others connect with their higher, sacred, and wise self to empower living a life authentically.  She helps you understand and utilize your gifts and abilities to manifest a loving and magical reality.

Philinda began teaching Health and Wellness, Chakra Healing and Ceremonial classes and workshops in the early 1990’s.  Her goal is to help you connect joyfully with the web of life.

Registration required
for all activities.

Pricing Ranges 
$45 - $85
per hour

Take charge today!

Calendar of Current Events   

(Updated at the beginning of each month)

Email Us for Current Details, Dates and Times Available

Interested in a special topic for a class or meditation?

Let us know and we'll create one!

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