Classes, Workshops and Community Gatherings

Learn Body-Mind-Spirit


with Dr Kayla Sumberg and Philinda


60 minutes of self-awareness and self-discovery.  Drop into inner peace for clarity of mind to accomplish more in your life. 


Two hours of in-depth learning to gain new perspectives in a changing world to become a co-creator in your everyday living.

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Preregistration required.

Minimum of

4 students and maximum of

10 students.


with Philinda


Two hours of fun exploration using your intuition so you feel more balanced emotionally, improving relations with yourself and others too.

Classes: Two Hours

Each class includes a Free Pendulum*

You will provide your own divination tools/decks


Root Chakra - Grounding in the Now

Body Awakening 

activity - Lymphatic Brushing for Skin Glow

Learn self- care techniques to help you feel radiant and bright.


Sacral Chakra - Sensing Your World

Flowing Joyfully 

activity - Dolphin Breath and Laughter

Understand how your breath and laughter influence chakra frequencies


Solar Plexus Chakra - Trusting In Yourself

Mindful Clearing 

activity - Chakra Cleanse

Learn why it is importance to clear and cleanse your energy field and chakras.


Heart Chakra - Loving All Relations

Self First

activity - Heart Awareness Guided Meditation and Claiming Your Story

Open your heart and release old pains.


Throat Chakra - Striving for Magnificence

Purposeful Living

activity - Pendulum and Divining Energy for Self Care

Learn advanced pendulum techniques to read Your chakra’s energy health.


Brow Chakra - Seeing All Possibilities with Clarity

Spirit Intuition 

activity - Tuning into Psychic Self

Learn how symbols are all around you and help guide you with your healing goals.


Crown Chakra - Wise Self Guidance

Emotional Enlightenment 

activity - Meditative Gazing for Messages and Self-Mastery

Learn about your psychic self with different gazing tools and reveal understanding yourself from within.

Soul Star Chakra - Lifeline to Your Timeless Self

Honoring Sacred Self 

activity - Claiming Your Divine Title of Self-Importance

Learn about yourself and what makes you special and claim the power held within yourself.

Celebrating the Sacred Feminine

2021 Goddess Ceremony for Women

January 30th 

Chakra Activation with Goddess Shakti -

Embrace innate energetic powers as you activate your chakra energetic power.

February 27th

Drumming Your Grief with Goddess Coatlicue -

Engage in ceremonial drumming to release held emotions through rhythms and sounds.

March 27th

Retrieving Your Wild Woman with Goddess Baba Yaga -  Celebrate your naturalness and join the ancient ceremonial expressions of singing, chanting and movement.

April 24th

Dancing with Your Wounded Victim with Goddess Sedna

Take back your power through self-expression utilizing the breath to explore deep emotions for healing pain.

May 22nd

Meeting Your Fear with Goddess Kali Ma

Activate a higher awareness of your self-limitations by connecting your feelings and emotions.

June 26th

Cuts the Ties of Self-Sacrifice with Goddess Lilith

Empower yourself and other women as you claim your power and true Self. 

July 24th

Dancing with Justified Anger with Goddess Sekhmet

Learn how to effectively work with justified anger since it is typically suppressed, repressed, and avoided.

August 21st

Surrendering & Renewing Yourself with Goddess Yemaya

Place your burdens and troubles into the divine feminine and renew yourself. 

September 18th

Journeying Towards Compassion with Goddess Kuan Yin

Embrace self-compassion to alleviate your suffering and become whole both inward and outward.

October 16th

Recalling & Rebuilding You Inner Fire with Goddess Sulis

Experience healing the energy patterning of pain to become whole.

November 20th

Clearing Out the Old with Goddess Minerva

Investigate the power of your thoughts and let go limiting beliefs to change into a healthier you!


December 18th

Embracing the Elements of Change with Goddess Oya

Ally yourself with the elements of change for a more positive and healthier you. 

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