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Medical Weight Solutions

We Support You

Discover your body type so you can enjoy a custom diet and exercise program for your specific body needs. When diet and exercise aren’t enough, medication may be included in your holistic plan to better regulate, rebalance, and improve.

  • Personalized Nutritional and Exercise Treatment Plan

  • Mindset and Mindfulness Counseling

  • Choice or combination of supervised prescriptions including: Semaglutide, HCG and Phentermine

Medication Facts

Semaglutide is a GLP-1 angonsit meaning it releases a hormone that helps you feel full longer and is used to treat Type 2 diabetes. Side effects can include, dizziness, nausea, headaches and other GI issues.

Phentermine is a type of nervous system stimulate that works to suppress appetite. It is a controlled substance meaning there is some potential of drug abuse. Side effects can include headache, dry mouth, increased heart rate and sleeplessness.

HCG is the hormone produced during pregnancy. This hormone is used along with a very restricted calorie diet. HCG is helpful in combination with detox and eliminations diets. Side effects can include fatigue, headaches and irregular or heavy periods.

All medications are prescription only and require being monitored by a health care professional.  Weekly appointments recommended for long term success!



Cosmetic Botox Treatment 

neurotoxins to treat fine lines and winkles 

Treatment: 25-50 units recommended depending on specific areas of concern

Mirconeedling with Hyaluronic Acid

stimulate collagen, treats acne scars and fine lines

Natural “Facelift”

lift and stimulate and relax key face muscles 

Treatment:  Nu Face Micro-current, cosmetic acupuncture, gua sha

Face Detox 

use the power healing potential of gemstones to brighten complexion and remove toxins 100% non invasive and natural 

Treatment: Nu Face micro-currrent, gemstone acupressure, face brushing


Lipo Contour 

target specific areas of the body 

Treatment: Cold Laser, 


Cellulite Treatment

Lymphatic Detox


Dry Brushing


Wet Sheet


Personal Training & Yoga

It's As Simple As

1- Lifestyle

Balanced and sustainable with custom solutions.

2- Medication

Increase energy, reduce craving and support change.

3- Resilience

Learn new ways to get stronger, vitalize and tone.

Private Yoga Sessions

Lead by Johnnie*

Hosted at Nature Cure Solutions

Practice gentle and restorative yoga at a deep, intentional, and relaxed pace. Focus on long holds, stillness, and breath work.  Encourage the healing benefits of physical and mental relaxation.

Johnnie -

Passionate to help others experience the healing benefits of shutting down the mind and relaxing the body.

Johnnie started practicing yoga in 2011. She took yoga teaching training to deepen own practice and decided to share yoga's benefits with others teaching in 2021.

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