Holistic Health Care and Wellness

We offer a unique approach to handling your health care needs.  Our affordable pricing reflects this as well. Since we wish to offer you the highest quality of care, we do not take private insurance, we can run bloodwork, labs and imaging through your insurance. We accept HSA & FSA.

Our sessions are customized for your specific needs and goals. We believe in a team approach, Dr. Sumberg and Philinda, work together with you to ensure you have the best holistic care success. 

Consultation is scheduled for

20 min-  $70

We know you have questions about how we work. Let's get together and see if we are the right choice for your support and care.

Initial Patient Intake/Assessment is scheduled for 

90 min- $175

We spend time evaluating your medical history, lab results, medical reports, current symptoms and wellness concerns. Our goal is to get to know you and listen to what you have gone through. Based on your information, we create a personalized program.  As a team, we decided collectively what are the best treatment options for you.

Follow Up Visits are scheduled for

60 min- $105, 75 min- $131, 90 min- $157, or 120 min- $210

We know change takes time and commitment. We also know it takes energy to create positive changes. Each session we energize your physical body, calm your mind, support your emotional needs and elevate your spirit.  Our multi-dimensional plan assures you move forward. 

Additional add-on fees

IV Infusions, Trigger Point Injections

Aromatherapy, Gemstone Sprays

For your goals to be the most effective

we suggest 75 min or 90 min

weekly or bi-weekly visits in the beginning.


1 hour - $25

1 1/2 hours - $40

2 hours - $50

Registration is required.

* Certain classes are taught by other teachers and fees are paid directly to the them.


1 hour - $125

1 1/2 hours - $187

2 hours - $250

Community Circles 

Donation Requested

Registration is required.


Please invite your friends!


We offer HIPPA compliant theletherapy.For all services, classes & donations add an additional $5.

  Cancellation Policy 

We require a 48 hour cancellation.

Less than 24 hours is full charge.