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Healing Pain, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma

Your body and mind will remember and stores painful events. When healing, integration and awareness is present, life begins to change and move forward.  If ignored, over time the unhealed wounds turns into emotional, mental and physical challenges, patterns and behaviors that are truly not helping you.  We help you restore your body mind and spirit and heal the mental and emotional conditions by returning to a naturally relaxed and responsive state.  We help you tap into your inner knowing of what you really need and what is lacking to get to your root cause of suffering. It takes multiple approaches to healing pain and trauma and dedication of time and attention.  It's worth it since the outcome is finding a joyful and eagerness to live again- whole and happy

Holistic Counseling treatments include:

Integrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and

Commitment Therapy, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Mindful Awareness

Learn Emotional Balance

Enriching Self-Growth and Love for Yourself and Others


With simple techniques, holistic practices, and powerful treatments emotional healing activates your life-force energy to restore balance, rejuvenate your entire outlook, and promote emotional wellbeing and spiritual healing. Create the practice self-love to truly give to yourself and other unconditionally. 

Living With Purpose

Strengthen Your Identity and Thrive


Discover how to apply both ancient practices from across the globe and profound insights and intuitions from your highest awareness to become more loving, skillful, and wise in navigating your life and uplifting the planet. Find yourself with deep fulfillment and excitement to be here NOW!

Power of Positive Intention

Become a Signal for What You Want in Your World


Learn how to systematically acknowledge and trigger specific mindsets, intentions and brain frequencies to change yourself as an individual and your life. When you understand the energies operating within you and focused intent you can manifest your goals in constructive and life-supporting ways.

Resolve Unwanted Karma

Release Personal, Family, and Planetary Baggage


We now have the opportunity to dissolve, resolve and reconstruct old contracts made at the soul level. Allow for the new to be achieved by embracing and transmuting the old agreements. Find your voice of your soul to help you attain your next level of healing, transformation and liberation.

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