Classical Naturopathic Medicine

Holistic Integrative Counseling

Spiritual/Metaphysical Guidance

Nature Cure - Classical Naturopathic Medicine


Designed for those looking for more from their healthcare, together we work towards cure

and finding solutions. We offer a diverse protocol with multiple treatment options.

Nature Cure Classical

Naturopathic Medicine 

Using the Healing Power of Nature


  • Hot/Cold Hydrotherapy

  • Homeopathic Remedies

  • Bach Flower Remedies

  • Supervised Nutrition and Fasting Guidance

  • Optimal Living Strategies 

Traditional Eastern Medicine 

Accessing Time Honored Healing Practices


  • Chinese Acupuncture

  • Cupping

  • Traditional Chinese 5 Element Theory

  • India’s Ayurvedic Dosha Support

  • Food As Medicine Concepts

Physical Medicine 

Treating Cellular Regeneration & Muscular Conditions


  • Low Level Red Laser

  • Bio-modulator Micro-Current Stimulator 

  • BEMER - Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulator

  • Bodywork, Facial Release, Cranial-Sacral Unwinding,

       and Deep Tissue Massage

Energy Vibrational Frequency Medicine 

Connecting with the Universal Life Force 


  • Healing Touch Energy Therapy

  • Bathing Sound Bowls, Other Frequency Tools

  • Color Light Frequencies

  • Therapeutic Gemstones

  • Chakra Clearing, Mending and Fortifying

  • Chakra Activation Meditations: 

     7 & 12 Chakra, Archangel, Inter-


Integrative Medical Care 

Combining All Healthcare

Needs in One Place


  • Family Medicine and Wellness Check-Ups

  • Basic and Speciality Lab Testing

  • Chronic Disease Management 

  • Nutritional Support

  • Medication Management

  • Screening Exams

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Holistic Counseling

We offer a unique Mind-Body-Spirit 

approach to psychotherapy. The outcome is greater self-awareness and better quality of life.



Getting to Know Your True Self


  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Self- Identity Awareness

  • Wheels and Key Concepts for Self-Progress

  • Aromatherapy for Shifting and Elevating Mood

  • Guided Meditation for Enhanced Self Image

  • Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy to Access Subconscious Patterns



Conquering Limiting Patterns of Behaviors


  • Address Past/Childhood Trauma and Pain

  • Balance Feminine and Masculine Qualities

  • Celebrate Critical Life Passages

  • Learn to Establish Shared Realities

Spiritual Dimension of

Human Experience


Offering Spiritual and

Multi- Dimensional Guidance

for Practical Practices and Self - Mastery!


SOUL Life Purpose Guidance 

Elevating Consciousness and Awareness


  • Sacred Spirit Self/Higher Self Guidance

  • 5D Living Concepts

  • Psychic Enhancement Guidance

  • Intuitive Lifestyle Support