Classical Naturopathic Medicine

Holistic Integrative Counseling

Spiritual/Metaphysical Guidance

Heal Body-Mind-Spirit

Classical Naturopathic Medicine

with Dr Kayla Sumberg and Philinda 


Designed for those looking for more from their healthcare options, together we work towards cure and finding solutions. We offer a diverse protocol with multiple treatment options.

Are you suffering from pain, anxiety, depression, trauma, chronic stress? Looking to enhance your life and elevate yourself to be the most you can be? We can help you find more peace and wellbeing so you can tap into your joyful, magical, sacred self.

You can utilize your own healing potential and the power of nature to build upon the foundation of greater connection between mind, body and spirit so you are in charge of your health and create active changes towards self-improvement.

Our sessions are customized for your specific needs and goals. We believe in a team approach,

Dr. Sumberg and Philinda, work together with you to ensure you have the best holistic care success.

For your goals to be effective we suggest weekly or bi-weekly treatments for best results.  

Consultation is scheduled for

20 min. 

We know you have questions about how we work. Let's get together and see if we are the right choice for your support and care.

Initial Patient Visit is scheduled for 90 min.

We spend time evaluating your medical history, lab results, medical reports, current symptoms and wellness concerns. Our goal is to get to know you and listen to what you have gone through. Based on your information, we create a personalized program.  As a team, we decided collectively what are the best treatment options for you.

Follow Up Visits are scheduled for 60 min or 90 min.

We know change takes time and commitment. We also know it takes energy to create positive changes. Each session we energize your physical body, calm your mind, support your emotional needs and elevate your spirit.  Our multi-dimensional plan assures you move forward.

Examples Of Treatment Modalities:

Holistic Review of Symptoms

100 question assessment to help discover, analyze and process your past and present concerns, discerning conscious and subconscious disease causing patterns.  This in-depth analysis provides the guiding outline for your treatment plan.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Specializing in acupuncture and cupping.


Ayurvedic Medicine

Discover the ancient art of medicine using lifestyle, diet, and breathing as your tools to establish balance.  Learn about your constitution and how it effects your health.


Constitutional Hydrotherapy &

Lymphatic Brushing/ Drainage

Focusing on the body's natural ability to heal, these therapies remove toxins, increase circulation and stimulate your vitality.

Subtle Energy Frequency Treatments

Sound & Color Light

Just as music, chanting and sunshine can effect your physical wellbeing, so does light and sound therapy.  Experience the benefits of subtle energy with sound and light frequency healing.

Meditation, Affirmations, & Prayers

Harness your greatest asset for healing, health and manifestation; YOUR MIND and ATTITUDE teach you how to connect to more and change distracting negative mindsets into your full potential.

Homeopathic & Botanical Remedies

Tested, utilized and proven, these tools are the foundation of classical naturopathic medicine.  Carefully selected and individualized, these remedies provide physical, mental and emotional support. 

Teletherapy Sessions Available Also

We can help you anywhere!  Location is no longer a barrier to getting the holistic support you need.  With distant consulting for counseling, nutrition and lifestyle guidance. 

Also, chakra balancing and auric field adjustments along with gemstone and diamond therapy, healing is just as effective as in-person treatments.


Experience Body-Mind-Spirit

Speciality Services

with Philinda


When it comes to understanding the numerous benefits of adding subtle energy to your self-care, experience speaks louder than words.  Philinda has 30 years, plus, years of experience working with the physical body, subtle energy, chakras and auric fields.  She takes a mindful approach to working with your energy allowing for subtle changes that create exponential results.

Sessions with Philinda for 

60 min. or 90 min. 


Therapeutic Structural Bodywork 

Release and unwind physical holding patterns to allow for greater alignment, flexibility and movement.

Holistic Healing Touch/ Therapeutic Touch

Experience the power of subtle energy by carefully shifting towards balance in your body and so much more.

Crystal, Gemstone & Diamond

Let gemstones into your life to feel a deeper connection and level of support.  Used to nourish all aspects of your Body-Mind-Spirit, it helps you experience a new, balanced way of being.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Gently and safely discover and work through subconscious and unconscious patterning.

Regression Therapy

Remember forgotten memories, trauma or events that linger and prevent you from enjoying life and living with purpose.


Breathe deeper and enhance a state of awareness and presence with a customized blend of essential oils.

Therapeutic Gemstone Gemandalas
Healing Tools