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Treating You Well!


5632 E Windsor Ave

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Fragrance Free Facility

Please refrain from wearing scented products including perfume, cologne, fragrant skin and hair products, and other items, such as laundry detergents and dryer sheets.

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Holistic Services We Offer

Subtle Energy

Heal Body-Mind-Spirit

We are looking to help those who want to take charge of their life and create active changes towards self-improvement. We believe in a team approach working together,  Dr Sumberg and Philinda, ensure you have the best holistic care.  

First visit is for 90 min.  $160 (1/1/20)

     We spend time evaluating your medical history, lab results, medical reports, current symptoms and wellness concerns. Our goal is to get to know you and listen to what you have gone through. Based on your information, we create a personalized subtle energy 8 step program.  As a team, we decided collectively what are the best treatment options for you.

Additional Visits are for 60 min. $95 (1/1/20)

     We know change takes time and commitment. We also know "it takes energy to create positive changes. Each session we energize your physical body, calm your mind, support your emotional needs and elevate your spirit.  Our 5th dimensional 8 step plan assures you move forward. For your goals to be effective we suggest weekly or bi-weekly treatments for best results.  

Classical Naturopathic Medicine

Utilize your own healing potential and the power of nature to build the foundation of health and wellness.

Holistic Review of Symptoms

100 pain questionnaire which generates your customized treatment plan

Healing Touch Subtle Energy Medicine

strengthening energy bodies and magnetic fields

Foundation Treatments

Traditional Chinese Medicine (acupuncture/cupping)

increase and balance of energy Qi flow


Ayurvedic Medicine

connect body-mind-spirit and balance your constitution (Pita, Vatta, Kapha)

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

detoxify organs and stimulate vitality

Therapeutic Structural Bodywork 

align and correct holding patterns


Lymphatic Brushing/ Drainage

reduce swelling/inflammation and refresh vessels


Subtle Energy Frequency Treatments


shift and tune with vibrational healing


Color Light

shift and absorb light healing


Crystal/ Gemstone

nourish energy and empower



return to the “DNA blueprint" of perfection

Therapies for 5th Dimensional Living


breathing for strength


Guided Meditation

elevate consciousness


Clinical Hypnotherapy

reframe habits for lifestyle changes


Regression Therapy

review/reset past challenging events


Power of Positive Thoughts/ Intent/ Affirmations/ Prayers

become the master co-creator of your life  

Treatments for 5th Dimensional Healing

Homeopathic Remedies

retune patterns of dis-ease


Bach Flower Essences

shift towards positive emotional states


Botanical Tinctures

balance all states of health



shift and find a peaceful state of mind 

Holistic Classes & Workshops We Offer

Be The Change

Learn Body-Mind-Spirit


Every Wednesday
Class Fee $20/ $25

Learn simple concepts about your yogic body’s constitution (Pita, Vatta, Kapha) to enable a deeper, more loving and caring, relationship with your physical being.  

Dedicate time to  living a healthier lifestyle and feel greater well-being.  


Step more confidently into your external world and experience life fully.


Monthly Saturday 

6pm - 8:00pm 

Class Fee $40/ $45


•Experience connecting deeply to your sacred (intuitive, psychic) self and the sacred world around you. 


•Learn first hand the concepts of subtle energy healing, your 12 chakras system for self-healing and possibly helping others.  


Find your spirit voice within and learn how to use it wisely throughout everyday.


Saturday Workshop

1:00pm - 3:00pm 

Class Fee $40/ $45


•Nurture hidden sounds of pain and joy to let your feelings flow and remember how to emote in real time.


•Learn how to safely express all ranges of sounds that emote from trauma and fear to unwind and reset.


Tap into your inner strength to reveal true emotional pain and heal deep wounds by replacing them with true feelings of joy and peace.


Every Wednesday


Class Fee $20/ $25 


•Activate the capability of the mind by clarifying and harnessing your thoughts and emotions.  


•Support yourself by using powerful tools such as meditation, mindfulness, gratitude, focused intention,  and ascension.


Offer your mind a chance for greater influence in all areas  so you are more satisfied with life. 


Every Monday 


Class Fee $30/ $35


•Become your best friend and companion,  your closest ally that always has your back by learning about yourself. 


•Focus on creating and strengthening your relationship of self-trust and self-awareness. 


Heal personal wounds from past traumas, so you are more balanced emotionally, improving relations with yourself and others too.



6pm - 8:00pm 

Class Fee $40/ $45


•Experience the healing power of the drum circle to relieve pain and offer deep peace. 

•Celebrate by offering wishes, prayers of gratitude for all that is going right in your life.


All ages welcome!  Come ready to sing, dance and let the natural rhythm of the drum's beat stir your passions and desires.

Registration Required