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Raising Vibrations for Manifestation, Happiness, Bliss

You are living in dedication to healing yourself by integrating your past. Embody the a holistic lifestyle approach and take the next leap in consciousness towards enlightenment.  Now more than ever people are beginning to “wake-up” and shift into 5th dimensional (higher consciousness) awareness of reality in new and profound ways. Let us help you, in a safe and supportive space, to raise your subtle energy vibrations from 3rd and 4th dimensional experience to the purposeful living of 5th dimensional divine manifestation. Co-create your life to experience a more vibrant being - powerful, meaningful, Joyful.

Subtle Energy Medicine treatments include:

Healing Touch Therapy, Chakra Activation, Guided Meditations,

Singing Bowl Sound Therapy, Color Light Therapy, Therapeutic Gemstone and Diamond Therapy

Chakra Activation

A Key Tool to Self-Mastery

By opening, aligning and using your charkas, you can create and manifest your true potential and become the co-creator with mastery and dedication to your life.
This is the next step for those already on the path towards elevated consciousness and enlightenment. By opening and aligning your chakras you developing a deeper connection with the earth, the universe, your higher self, personal guides, angels and the divine universal source.

Higher Consciousness  

Align Yourself with the Cosmos

By moving from dualistic internal conflict to conscious awareness and mindfulness, we help you raise your own personal vibrations to allow the activation of  manifestation.
Discover how to access a wellspring of wisdom to find that knowing voice within and develop your capacity to live with greater authenticity and caring influence. Let us help you tap into  the tremendous power to do everything you desire.

Law of Attraction 

Claim Your Personal Power

Open to the hidden, sacred forces within your own psyche to reshape how you experience reality and attain optimal true inner peace, joy and meaningful relationships with yourself and with others.
Live your life as a co-creator with the universe.  Learn how to tap into the wisdom of your soul so you manifest a more meaningful life. Feel truly connected to all aspects of your multidimensional self.

Etherial Guidance

Harness Your Innate Support Team


The breath and depth of guidance can lead to a more ethical and connected life, happier relationships, clearer direction on living your soul path. Have you ever felt like there is more your physical surroundings? We are all part of an interlocking web of creating governed by magnificent forces. By connecting to your higher self you can be in direct connect with the glorious being and energies here to lovingly support you unconditionally.

Source Healing

Explore The Blueprint of Healing Your Energy Matrix 


Discover the profound wisdom of activating through the ancient Vedic subtle energy  system and the knowledge held within the physics of energy and motion. You have everything you need inside of you unlock and discover these un-tap energetic potentials for true healing and wakened living.

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